Friday, May 14, 2010

Chivalry will not die... long as mommies teach it to their boys.

I have been trying to teach the boys to open doors for me. I want them to be the type of men who do that sort of thing, so I'm training them. One day there will be a girl or two who will thank me. One problem... how does one teach three stinky, gross, rough, and self absorbed little boys to be gentlemen?

I explained to them that I have been opening doors, and buckling their car seats/seat belts for the past eight years and now that they are old enough it's time to return the favor. They are actually excited about the idea and want to do it, which is a nice surprise.

It hasn't been easy though.

The first problem was the fighting over who gets to open my door. So I have to break up that fight.

Then there is the car door getting closed on my foot... OUCH...

AND, they think that if they open the door at the store and run through it fast enough that I have time to make it too, it counts as "getting the door" for me.

This is not going to be easy. But I am the princess of this casa, and there are enough boys around here that I should never have to open a door for myself again.

... one day

.... it will be nice.

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