Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Term

I start my day with a little of this:
Anatomy and Physiology so far isn't bad. Same teacher as Cell Bio, same class room, same seat, same fellow students flanking my seat. Same annoying car analogies (that I don't get... cause I don't understand cars).
Then I have Interpersonal Communications. This is kind of a "fluff" class. It meets a requirement, but I don't plan on devoting a lot of brain power into this one. I have been communicating interpersonally for years now... and if I can improve a little then that's good... just as long as I get my "A"!

Next is Math 111. Finally, I'm taking a for reals, college level, math class. So far so good. Again, I'm in the same room, same seat, and same awesome dude sitting next to me who I work well with. I'm surprised so far how well my brain is handling all this math. I used to think that it wasn't my thing... I may have been wrong. What a nice surprise. :)

My last class of the day is.....
Sand Volleyball
That is me in the green bikini. Or at least, it will be at the end of the term. ;)
Wish me happy studying. There may not be many posts for the next ten weeks. See you then (hopefully with my 4.0 still in tact!)

1 comment:

  1. It looks like this will be a nice term for you, with only two hard classes!? Both of those bad boys are behind me... thank goodness :)
    I'm diggin' the beach volleyball! I only wish I hadn't worn the blue swimming suit that day. But, whatever.