Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alphabetical Catch-Up

A Ants. Defiantly A is for Ants. I hate them. But the dude came and sprayed and we haven't seen very many in the house since. Lets hope it stays that way!

B The Brain's Baptism. He was baptized by his grandfather (Pooh-Pa) on March 6th 2010. He was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost by his other Grandfather Papa Kim. We are all very proud of the Brain for making such a wonderful and important decision.

C Cake. The brain (with the help of mom) made a cake for a cub-scout auction that was decorated to look like a cub-scout shirt. It was in a shirt box and everything. It sold for $40.

D Dog. Some dog has been pooping in my garden under my front window.... where is my shotgun when I need it?

E Elmers. We went to Elmers for Breakfast on my birthday :)

F Fifteenth Avenue Salon. Best Birthday present ever was the gift certificate Honey Bear gave me for a FULL DAY SPA TREATMENT at this/my favorite place. Heaven, here I come (for a day visit).

G Golgi Apparatus. It's one of the organelles in the cell. It is responsible for packaging proteins and such into vesicles. I've been studying a LOT and that was the first "G" word that came to mind.

H Hand Held. The Brain got a Didj for his birthday. Mr. Fingers couldn't keep his fingers off of it so he needed his own. Then the Snake felt left out and got a Leapster, and Honey Bear needed something too and got a Play Station Portable. Thank you Tax-Return!

I Idaho Spud Bar. Did you know that Winco carries Idaho Spud bars? My sister did, and she saved me and my serious craving with her brilliant revelation.

J Jump. We play a game on the trampoline called musical trampoline. I am the D.J., and it's like musical chairs: when the music stops someone else gets a turn to jump. When ever we play it always turns into a dance party. (it rains a lot here, so moms have to be creative when it comes to indoor appropriate active, activities)

K Kindness. I've been working on being more patient and kind with the kids. This is really hard (especially when I'm stressed). Those little fellows deserve kindness from me, even when they are being turkeys.

L Legos. But now that I'm look'n these are actually Brissell Blocks. One night I was playing with Mr. Fingers and he asked me to take a picture of our creation. It's a city (but you could see that for yourself of course).

M Mayor. Yup, I just made a few phone calls and the MAYOR is coming to speak to our cub-scouts about citizenship! I am so excited!

N Nuzzling... that's what my Honey Bear is for.

O Olive. Went to the new Trader Joes in our neighboring town and got me some garlic stuffed green olives. They are yummy, but no nuzzling when if have stinky olive breath :(

P Pet. As in Chia Pet. I have always wanted one and I got one for my birthday. It isn't actually one of the pet ones, it's the herb garden. My basil is sprouting and it's so exciting!

Q The Queen. I had to dress up as Queen Elizabeth I for my Humanities class, and be on a panel answering questions as if I was her. On the actual day I was also wearing a paper accordion collar, my hair was up, and I had a pearl dangling on my forehead... best costume of the entire class! She was the best Queen England ever had. She is also a distant cousin... (mom found a Tudor line in our Genealogy) That's where I got my red-hair.

R REM. Not the band, the cycle (rapid eye movement). I have learned that it is OK to go to bed at 8:00 p.m. when you are a grown up.

S Sorry. I got some very nice I'm sorry flowers from Honey Bear last week. After a year of marriage he is starting to catch on to how things are done.

T Taxes. Done, and Done. Ca-Ching :)

U Underpants. The Snake got to pick out his first package of underpants. He wanted the Toy Story ones with Woody on them. Stop giggling at my word choices in the those two sentences... grow up.

V Visiting Teaching. I have a weird route, and an awesome companion, and I love it.

W Water. I'm trying to think up some ways we can save on the utility bill. Never really had to pay one before we lived here and I don't like it. We use too much water... I think it's all the laundry with 7 people around. That's it... no more clothes ;)

X X: It's THE variable. Seriously, it's the most popular one out there. It has become my friend. One more term of math and X and I will hopefully be able to part ways, never to see each other again.

Y Y? Why did I choose to do an Alphabetical catchup again? Some of these letters are hard.

Z Zoo. Yup, we still live in one... not much has changed this last month.


  1. Even if it was hard it was still a very good catch-up! You're a clever one, lady.
    Congrats to the Brain and is baptism! But we can't be this old!!

  2. I LOVED this post! Thanks for making me laugh today and I am thankful that other's lives are just as crazy as mine.

  3. Kimberly, you've got a couple months 'till the big 3-0 ... but 'ya, we are NOT this old!