Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some friends of mine are starting and exotic pet shop. I stopped by today to drop off our old lizard tank (the lizard has found a new home). Well, the boys went wild over the snakes.

The Snake himself wasn't too sure about them. He said he wanted to touch it... it was more like a quick poke.

This one really liked the way Mr. Fingers smells. He kept sticking his tongue out to smell him... a lot! I don't think Mr. Fingers smells that great myself... but to each his own.

The Brain was telling us all about snakes. He is a walking encyclopedia. The snake's owners asked how The Brain knew so much about snakes. I just said, "He reads a lot."

The Brain may be a parsal mouth. We may never know what these two were talking about.

Post Script: After about an hour of The Snake's nap he woke up screaming. I rushed in to find him standing next to his bed hysterical that there was a snake in his bed. (nightmare) Tonight may be interesting. Poor fell'a. He put up a brave face, but it seems the snakes have really freaked him out.

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