Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My family

In our family there is:
1. Honey Bear(age: really old), group life coordinator at a youth correctional facility, and yoga/Pilate's fan.
2. Bug Gutz(age... still in her twenties: barely), nursing student and surfing mommy.
3. The Brain(age 7), Katie's first born and master reader.
4. Mr. Sticky Fingers, or Fingers for short (age 4), my second born and ladies man.
5. The Snake (age 2), mommy's boy and Dora's biggest fan.
We also get to claim...
6. Big Brother (age 7) Ryan's oldest who looks just like him... as handsome as can be.
7. Lil Sis (age 4) daddy's little girl, who can't help but be loved by all who know her.


  1. Hey katie! I accidently found your blog through Kris Farrar's. She is my muscle Tech instructor through the parks and rec and in my stake. How do you know kris?

    So How are you???? It has been years since I last saw you! Your kids are huge and adorable! Congrats on the marriage :)! Hope all is well. Our blog is! Keep in touch :)

    Rachel Nye :)

  2. I live in Albany now and Kris is in my ward. I'm so glad you found me, it's so good to hear from you. I can't believe how long it's been. Seems like yesterday we were all living in Camas Commons... as they say, "those were the days."