Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Death and Taxes, revised

The English vernacular has adopted a phrase to represent the inevitable. Something that no one can escape, and that is a part of every one's lives that we have to accept and deal with.... "it's like Death, and Taxes." I have successfully dodged the filing for taxes part by playing ignorant (luckily I have always had a significant other to fall for my "blond tax moment"). Maybe if I'm lucky, I may even experience the "twinkling of and eye" thing and get out of the death part too. No, in my life I need a better phrase for describing the inevitable, the things I can't escape, that are a part of life... I've got it! DISHES AND LAUNDRY.

They are both like little demons hiding around every corner. No matter how hard I work, no matter how many loads I run, people in this house keep wearing clothes and eating food! I have thought about solving this by saying, "No more clothes." Jake actually liked that idea. He prefers the feeling of the wind on his backside (also from his backside). Or maybe we could switch to paper plates and plastic forks. But alas, I love mother nature and planet earth a little too much to settle on that solution.

So I have decided to accept and deal with my DISHES AND LAUNDRY. This acceptance has helped me to discover I can even enjoy these daily tasks. I can listen to my favorite music, or watch a nice movie, while I fluff and fold. And who doesn't enjoy the feel of warm soapy water on their hands, or the opportunity to ponder the deeper things in life while the water is running over the dishes. Pondering topics like mortality... and what is the best way to organize my IRA in order to pay as little taxes as possible (shoot, I may have blown my cover).

So instead of complaining about my daily plite, I accept it as inevitable. Hey, I can't escape it. It happens to all of us. It's like... DISHES AND LAUNDRY.

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