Monday, June 10, 2013

Worst Day To Be Sick

The Snake, HB, and I should be here:

Riding the log ride...

Bouncing on the Frog Hopper...
Not to mention the bumper boats, the roller coaster, the carnival food... people
The Carnival Food!
But no, today we are here... doing this:
He has a terrible "barking" cough. 
We spent the night going from the steamy bathroom, to the cool outdoor air, then back to bed for hopefully an hour of sleep before he woke up and we were back at it.
When the sun rose the Snake said, "Mom!  What time is it?  I've got to get ready for the field trip!"
It nearly broke my heart to tell him he was too sick to go.
His life is ruined.
Worst.  Day.  Ever.

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