Sunday, June 16, 2013

Spelling Bee Champ

 After winning the school Spelling Bee, The Brain got to represent Sunrise Elementary at the District Spelling Bee.
It was held at the middle school and there two representatives from each of the 14 elementary schools.
We were told that the first and second place winners get to go to the regional Spelling Bee. 
The third place winner is an alternate and will go in place of the first or second if they can't go.
The kids were given pen and paper and asked to write each of the 20 words that were given.
They were asked to spell word like:
(those are the only ones I can remember)
After the papers were graded the winners were announced.
The first announcement was third place. 
To see his reaction to this news watch this video, it's within the first few seconds:

As we were walking home I asked The Brain how he felt. 
He said, "Proud."
I'm proud of you too little buddy!

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