Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help Wanted

Warning... Whine session:
I'm tired of being the "new girl."
5 Wards in the last 4 years.
I'm tired of having to meet new people. I've been the new girl enough now that I usually don't mind, and I'm confident and outgoing... but I just want some girlies... a new best friend. I haven't had one since Mary Rodgers was my next door neighbor, and before that... Natalie Smathers... who was also my next door neighbor. I guess this time I may actually have to drive to her house, or call her on the phone instead of talking over the fense. This is going to be work... but I'm ready, and I need it.
So, I'm taking applications for my new BFF:
Have a good sense of humor.
Enjoy girly pleasures like pedicures and tea-parties.
Be able to have a meaningful conversation about the book we just read.
Must have kids so we can commiserate.
Must have a uterus, and all the hormones that go with it.
I would like at least two references... and you must give me a non-refundable deposit (just in case it doesn't work out)...
Love 'ya ~ Bug


  1. *snuggles* I feel the same way baby! Stay tuned; post move I'm thinking it's time for a girls night out!

  2. I hate this feeling! I would so love a "best friend" who lived right next store to me. It is the most convenient place for them! Tobin and I are officially looking for a place to buy and I will only look near ladies who I consider possible best friends. Now I don't feel so bad about that! And, if you ever move back, I would LOVE to live right next door to you.
    BTW, I love Backstreet Boys "Incomplete". I had forgotten about it. I'm writing it down so that I will add it to my playlist.