Friday, July 17, 2009

The Case of the Dirty Shoulder

It was a dark and stormy night. Bug Gutz (private I) was sitting at the computer in her office when in walked a short, and handsome client. He seemed like a happy go lucky, and fancy free kind of fellow, but it was all an act. For he was none other then The Snake. One of the henchmen in The Brain's mob of evil doers.

Once he walked into Bug's office it didn't take long for her to notice the red stain on his shoulder... gasp! DUHN DUHN DUHN

Raspberry Jelly.

How did the Jelly just appear on the shoulder of his shirt like that? This was a very vexing predicament. Detective Buggy was on the case.

Latter that night after dinner, Bug infiltrated The Brains headquarters, and was observing the mob chowing down on some cake. That's when she saw it. The Snake had a big glob of frosting on his cheek. He slowly reached his arm up, and.... whipped his face on his sleeve.

That was it! Case solved. The Snake has developed an involuntary reflex to wipe his mouth with his shoulder. Another mystery solved by Detective Bug. Now the real trouble begins...

teaching evil henchmen to use napkins?????

The Brains mob is on strict orders from the evil Over Lord Pooh-Paw to eat only one kind of cake... Lemon Cake with Chocolate Chip Frosting. (Cake mixes were on sale at the Grocery outlet for 65 cents a box.)

But wait, Mr. Fingers slipped him self a second piece? It was the piece the mob was saving for their overlord Pooh-Paw.

Looks like Pooh-Paw is out of luck. The Brain and his mob better watch their backs. Who knows what kind of retribution The Pooh-Paw will seek.
Most likely in the form of .... DUHN DUHN DUHN

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