Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spa Day With The Snake

Who says boys don't get to paint their nails? And wear play dresses? And put hooded sweatshirts on by just the hood and pretend it's your hair? Or wear a Pluto hat from Disney World out in public?

He just loves his mommy sooooo much he wants to be just like her. We all have our fingers crossed that this is just a phase. And I try not to encourage it... except when I need lunch and a pedicure...

he is such a fun little girlfriend ;)


  1. That's adorable! I'm sure it's a phase...he likes what Mommy likes what could be more natural! My son Parker's favorite color is pink!

  2. Asher and Sam both like to get their nails painted...and wear my makeup...and my shoes...I think it is a phase that lasts until doing those things isn't fun anymore. Also my little brother Austin will still let me paint his toes so maybe they never grow out of it?? Dylan lets his girls paint his toes too...hmmm Anyway Snake is way cute and one day he'll design his own shampoo line and be rich and famous :)