Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

It's Mr. Finger's Birthday!

He wanted an airplane cake. I think it turned out OK for something I threw together on the fly... get it? On the fly? hehehehe

He was higher than a kite when he opened his lego airplane present.

We went to Red Robin for dinner and THE RED ROBIN BIRD WAS THERE.

The poor mascot had to give me the signal to get the Snake to stop hugging him.

According to Mr. Fingers this is the greatest toy he has ever owned. I had to take it from him at bed time because he wouldn't sleep. It has been with him at every meal time since. It took a bath with him this morning. Basically, it hasn't really left his side since he put it together. And, putting it together was no small task. There were like... 50 steps, and a million little pieces. But he did it all by himself. What a good little directions follower.

Those 10 sticky fingers of his first debuted seven years ago yesterday.

Happy Birthday Mr. Fingers.


  1. Cute cake. I specifically told my mother no more major lego projects and guess what she got my son for Christmas! Guess what is still spread out on my craft table at this very moment? Guess what Ken and I have already contributed several hours to helping him put together? Guess what sound I made after the third hour and realized we had only just gotten half way through the instruction book?

  2. I never realized how close in age Fingers and my Peanut were. Peanut will be seven a week from monday.

  3. Happy Birthday to Peanut!

    Kirsten, I hated lego sets with a purple passion... until the boys actually started to get into them and were able to do them themselves. That's the trick, matching the lego set to their skill level.