Thursday, March 17, 2011

He's on to us....

We tried to nab ourselves a leprechaun... but no such luck.
We think that he must have known the tote was a trap. Next year we are going to have to be more clever when we disguise the trap.
That little devil took all of the gold coins and ran for the hills. In his haste, he dropped his hat.

He did play a trick on us before he left. There was a brand spank'n new box of lucky charms that he must have left for us on the table, and when we went to get the milk........

he had turned it green.

(green milk looks totally disgusting... but actually tastes like regular milk)

He must have dropped his shamrocks while he was here because the table was covered in them.
He was kind enough to leave one gold coin for each of the boys, and an anti-pinching button for them to wear today.

Better luck next year I guess. Oh well, it was still fun to try. Maybe next year we'll catch him!!!
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

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