Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

As far as Christmas pictures.... I had to beg and plead to get just this one.

Christmas Eve = new PJ's for all, party food (pigs in a blanket, meat balls, fruit and veggie trays, chex party mix, cheese and crackers, and lots of Christmas cookies)

We read Luke 2, we watched the Polar Express, we sent the kids to bed.

Then... Santa came.

5:30 a.m. = Honey Bear had to tell the Honyakers that it was not the middle of the day and to be quiet. (they were all awake and just talking up a storm in their room)

7:30 = I'm awake and ready to get the show on the road... but all the children had fallen back to sleep.... lame

8:30 = every one is up and it's present time FINALLY

The Brain got a Rubix Slider in his stocking that did not leave his hot little hands until right before bedtime when one of the buttons finally gave out on him.

Big Brother LOVED the new game we played called "Murder in the Dark" ... except, he never got the paper with the X on it and after everyone picked their papers he would always sigh. Guess we knew who the murderer WASN'T.

There were two presents that sent Mr. Fingers running around the house screaming his head off: A big box of Legos, and the first two seasons of Avatar the Last Airbender. He seriously wanted to take the whole box of Legos into the tub with him at bath time... I don't think so buddy.

Lil' Sis spent a lot of time organizing her loot after the mele calmed down. She very thoughtfully, and very purposefully placed everything together in one box to be taken home. Where (I'm guessing) all of her things have a place, and everything is in it's place. (don't know where she inherited this trait)

The Snake, ... oh the snake.... How is it possible that he didn't make himself sick? We had all kinds of sugary treats out this weekend. And I decided that since it was Christmas my answer would always be: "Yes, you can have one" That kid ate so much candy!!! I think he gained more holiday weight than I did.

Honey Bear's present this year was the gift of sight. Laser surgery on the 16th was probably the best gift that Santa has ever given him. Now, if I could just keep my clumsy elbows to myself in the bed... maybe his eyes would heel.

The best gift of all was to have all the kids here for Christmas! We ate, we played games, we watched movies, and just enjoyed each other all weekend long!

Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What The? O.M.Geee wiz child. Are you trying to send me to the nut house?

It is 9:30 at night. I read to them, sang to them, brushed their teeth, toileted, and kissed them good night WELL OVER AN HOUR AGO!!!

I was on my way to bed myself when I saw a strange light coming from under the door of the boys room. I thought that maybe I should check on them.

I opened the door and was almost clotheslined in the neck with the cord to the Brain's lamp. Long story short: he was sleeping on the top bunk tonight instead of his bed. Guess he had decided he needed his lamp to read by.

A little perturbed, but not too bothered I let him know that it was not ok to jimmy rig his lamp like that and I was going to put it back.

As I bent over to unplug the lamp

.... my eyes landed on Mr. Finger's bed. This is what I saw:

I was shocked, stunned, and livid all at the same time. He had taken all of his books off the book shelf, and all of the things on the floor and put them on his bed. But where was Fingers? I looked across the room, and there he was standing at the book shelf with some books in his hand. He had been caught red handed. He stood there in front of his empty book shelf like Bambi... staring at the headlights of my vehicle. I think he must have heard me coming down the hall and was trying to quickly undo the damage... yea buddy... nice try.

Have you ever been so mad, and so impressed, and so confused about something your kids have done? Felt all three of these emotions at the same time and carefully gaged your response? Only two options came to my mind: 1) Get raging mad and start the verbal assault, or 2) laugh.... I couldn't help myself and commenced with the latter.

"Why??? .... no wait, I don't even want to know." I'm sure there is no way to understand what he was thinking during the last hour and a half that he was supposed to be sleeping. Was he building his own tower of babel to get to heaven/the top bunk? Even if he tried to explain it to me I'm sure I just wouldn't get it.

I don't understand my children.

Then again, when I get so mad at them that I start laughing....

I'm sure they don't understand me either.